Bus tracker

Giving passengers more control over their bus journeys than ever before. Using the app's intuitive search feature or by simply viewing the map - it's easy to find the right bus for the next trip.

Please note: Some features are not available on all vehicles.

Mobile tickets

Our new account-based ticketing system allows you easily buy, manage and display a full range of M-tickets on your mobile phone.

(Prices shown are for illustation purposes only)

Journey planner

A quick and easy way to plan your next journey, giving you a variety of different routes and services to best suit your travelling needs.

Where we cannot provide a direct service to your destination, our journey planner will still show the most suitable route, but will also let you know about using other operators' services. If this is the case, Little Gem tickets will not be valid.

Service updates

The latest information on service changes, diversions and disruptions straight to your phone so you will never be caught short on your journeys.

Please note: Notifications may not be available in certain circumstances. Urgent updates are posted on our Twitter feed.

Ticket gifting

Ticket gifting is now so easy from where ever you are, simply purchase a ticket and gift it to your friends and family from your phone.

Customer support

We aim to provide the best service possible, so at just the click of a button send feedback about your journey and receive a response from one of our team.

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